750 mL bottle

Dive In and Meet The White You Should Always Have In Your Fridge.

A vivacious Tuscan white with definite poolside potential... Light, bright and full of green and yellow fruit flavors, RebelGold is a lush blend perfect for spring weather.

Enjoy a glass any day of the week, and you can practically hear the waves lapping and birds chirping as you pop open the bottle, for a real Mediterranean state of mind.



The perfect serve | Enjoy in a "Tulip" glass to fully explore the aroma
Perfect for | wood-fired pizza, parmesan-crusted chicken breast, or at impromptu get-togethers with friends.
Service temp. | 4-6ºC chilled
When to drink | Drink now
Storage | Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C) dark place, and away from vibrations
Closure | Cork
Size | 750ml
ABV | 12.5%

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