Vermouth Rosso Superiore

750 mL bottle

Vermouth time is that time of day… the time for the ritual of friends getting together.

Vermouth is part of Italy’s winemaking history and tradition. The idea of adding herbs and spices to wine, then taking it to 18% vol. to assist preservation, forged this amazing tradition of an authentic Italian aperitif. The first bottle of vermouth was produced in 1786 and today, with one and a half centuries of history behind it, the tradition is experiencing a new lease of life, attracting consumers and bartenders, aficionados of fine drinking, and the recovery of a unique, authentic flavor.

NOTES | It stands out thanks to its unique bouquet and its unmistakable notes. Brilliant red color; with the first sip, it fully releases the traditional taste that derives from the typical bitter note of wormwood. The bitter taste is moderated by the citrus scents of the bitter orange and grapefruit, backed by a spicier base of thyme and bay leaf and rounded off by an elegant vanilla note. The fine structure provided by the base wines, Gavi and Nebbiolo, make this a unique Vermouth for attractiveness and persistence. Any cloudiness is the natural evolution of the raw materials employed in the artisanal preparation of the recipe.

PRODUCTION PROCESS | The numerous aromatic plants, that go into the recipe and blend with wine, are extracted by hot infusion or cold extraction methods handed down through the centuries, depending on the raw material. These methods, along with the recipe itself, constitute the secret of this product.

VARIETY | Gavi, Nebbiolo


SIZE | 750ml

Alc. by vol. | 18%




PERFECT OCCASION | Aperitif, after-dinner, Mixology

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